Saint Mary Student Makes First Gift To Capital Campaign

Chase Mitchell was a 4th grader at Saint Mary School when Saint Mary Church was closed and temporarily condemned last October (2016). Chase right away started saving money to save the church. Chase has asked his classmates, neighbors, family, and friends for money to help Save Saint Mary Church, and in January, Chase donated $50.00 that he had received as a Christmas present to Saint Mary Church to make him the first contributor to the Save Saint Mary Capital Campaign. Chase raised an additional $48.96 and contributed that the Campaign. And he is not finished! Chase continues to raise money for the Church. His mother Richelle said, "Chase is such a sweet boy! Our family wasn't even aware he was raising money until the office staff at Saint Mary's told me! He came up with the idea all on his own." He and his classmates have written letters to celebrities asking for donations to save Saint Mary Church such as Lebron James and others. 

Chase Mitchell 3.jpg