Columbus Monthly

 City Quotient: Lightning Might Have Prevented Disaster at St. Mary’s

By Jeff Darbee

Posted Aug 1, 2017 at 9:30 AM

What happened to St. Mary’s church on Third Street in German Village?

It has been closed for a long time. The building is closed, but St. Mary’s (formally St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church) is very much an active parish; masses are held in the parish office’s chapel on weekdays and in the adjacent school building on weekends.

The problem began when lightning struck the church spire last August, destroying the parish’s electrical system. When engineers went up to inspect for damage, they found the spire was OK but discovered that some wood roof trusses had deteriorated over time and had shifted downward, putting outward pressure on the walls.

And while the lightning proved fortuitous in revealing a potentially disastrous situation, it forced the closing of the building and extensive remedial work.