February Update from our Co-Chairs

EXCITING NEWS!  Perhaps this will not be a "surprise" -- since we are right on schedule to have our first Masses in our beautiful Church on Palm Sunday weekend -- but we want to confirm that we have reached and even surpassed our Capital Campaign goal (launched June 1, 2018) of $7.5 M in gifts and pledges!  An additional $500,000 has also been pledged to cover essential items that were not anticipated in the $7.5 M budget (such as new steps for the church entrance that had to be added in when the old ones were found to unrepairable.).  

This $8 M scope and budget (over the $5.5 M originally set as our goal) were made possible, in large part, when our fundraising committee was greatly expanded to include key leaders in the Columbus community.  These leaders helped "open the doors" (outside our current parish) to major donors who "caught the vision" behind our Campaign -- to rebuild, restore, and renew our parish and help make it a centerpiece for worship, education, and evangelization in the dynamic city of Columbus.

A more detailed report on the completed campaign will be available in the next few weeks and we will make it available on the campaign website (with copies to anyone who requests it). 

We can all celebrate this great achievement!  YOU, our current parishioners "set the stage" for this success!  Your early gifts and pledges showed the larger community that our parish is "alive and well" and will be the foundation of an even stronger parish in the future.  

THANK YOU to all who contributed your time, talent, treasure, and prayers to the campaign!  THANK YOU especially to all who worked on the Campaign committees and special projects!   

We consider the Campaign to be complete -- with the exception of celebrating with all of you on Palm Sunday weekend!  It has been a blessing for us to have served you and our parish as Campaign Co-Chairs with Father Lutz.  

Mike and Peggy Hartshorn